How it Works – Nexgis

How it Works

How it Works – Nexgis

How to use Nexgis to fulfill your requirements

First step is to register yourself as a Professional or an Employer.

There are two profiles for your use:

Requirements could be anything, business case development through implementation support, if you need help, post your requirements in Nexgis. Our expert professionals will respond to your requests promptly with proposals. Their profiles with rating will be available for your review so that it will allow to make decision on who you would like to select for the work.

Employers can follow the steps below:

Post a project

Post your requirements and set your budget. Make sure the project has all the details for the developers to bid the project accurately. The project will be available for bidding by various contractors on our site within minutes of posting.

You want the appropriate candidate to submit quotes, so be specific in describing who you’re looking for, Industry, skill sets you seek and your expectations on the deliverable.

Compare and select professional

Compare and select bids on price and ratings. Each professional has their own profile that shows what past users have said about their work. It is important to check the skills, reference and experience to ensure the quality of work. So, evaluate the combination of skills, quality, timeliness and cost to come up with your short list.

Come to an agreement on Milestones and payments

It is important to ensure all clarifications are complete before an agreement is made. Communication and clear documentation is essential component for your project success. We advise that you request and agree upon deliverable in writing and post them to your project. Ensure a good plan to establish milestones, delivery dates, payment schedule and quality expectations.

Review project status

Review the project status on a timely manner. Use our workroom to manage and share files. A record of all communications helps minimize miscommunication and keeps your project on track. Like good assistants, we’ll store the files you send within your Files tab to keep everything organized.

Release payments once the project is complete

Release funds ONLY when specific goals are met. By setting up the payment milestone based on agreed targets, you only need to release funds once 100% satisfied.

All your transaction history of all invoices is kept track of for your convenience, you can see the invoices you have paid, es-crowed or even pending invoices for that matter. Managing Payments is really a piece of cake with Nexgis.

Close the Project

Once the payment is released the employer close project and rate the work.

Professionals can follow the steps below:

Search for Projects

Search for projects that fit your skills and experience

Apply/make your proposals for the project

Make sure to use clarifications prior to agreement with the Employer. Make sure all the details are there and agreed before you agree for terms and conditions

Agree on terms with the Employer

Agree on terms once all the details are available and all the questions are answered. Terms and conditions should include the deliverables, timeline and every details that is agreed between Employer and the professional/freelancer.

Update the project status once the project is complete

Make sure to mark the project status to complete once the work is complete. If you cannot complete the work, please come to an agreement with the employer prior to updating the status.

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